Friday, May 7, 2010

It's been awhile

I've been crafting but seem to forget to update my blog. For those of you with blogs, share your secrets to keeping it up with me.

This first finish is a freebie pattern from DMC that I made for my daughter.

This was a quick stitch that is also a freebie that I found online from a UK magazine. It is a different way to give a gift of $$. I made this for my niece for her upcoming wedding shower.

I am also about a quarter of the way done with a baby blanket. The pattern is from the Blossom street book by Debbie Macomber. I have used this pattern before. Nice and simple but very pretty. I also have a cross-stitch in progress. It is a reproduction of an old sampler done in one color. I've also finished several beanies and a blanket for Covered with Love.

Sometimes I think I need to go back to working on one project at a time or just a couple at a time. I overwhelm myself when I get to many things going at one time. Anyone else have that issue?

Let's talk UFO projects....I started Starry Night several years ago. I went at it pretty good for awhile but it is such a big project that I lost interest and put it down and haven't taken a stitch in quite some time. When you meet with a project like that do you 1) Sit it aside until it grabs your interest again because you can't NOT finish or 2) Get rid of it...Life is too short to torture yourself stitching something you don't have the interest to do anymore.