Thursday, December 1, 2011

two in one day???? What's up with that?

As I was doing housework, trying to blow off steam from the frustration of losing all my pictures, my eyes fell on the most recent cross-stitch that I completed. I had to chuckle at the irony. It was as if God was saying HEY YOU. I got it Lord, took me a few but I got it....

While I am not going to spend another half hour taking pictures of all my completed projects I had to take a picture of the one I finished this morning that my eyes fell upon as I was cleaning and having my tantrum...

Simple yet profound words...Give thanks...sure I lost some pictures but I will never lose the memories of the events photographed. So for that I will give thanks. I spent a half hour taking pictures of things I had made for Christmas presents and that time was wasted when I lost those pictures...but I am looking forward to the times of celebration and being with loved ones when those gifts will be given and for that I can give thanks.

I lost some pictures and was letting it foul my mood when there are people going through real losses this season. I have a roof over my head, food in the kitchen, a supportive and wonderful husband, amazing children who make me very proud to be their mom, a church family that strenghtens and grows me in my faith. I have a lot to be thankful for and to let a small bump in the road cloud my day would be a vast waste of my time.

Thank you, Lord for the reminder that if we stop and look there are always things for which to give thanks. The sun is shining and once again the Son shinned on my life and brought a much needed correction. I will choose this day to give thanks and not whine about things that really are not as big as I was letting them be.

A frenzy of Christmas gifts flying off my needles

I prefer the simplicity of things and ordinarily I do not like a lot of decor type stuff setting around the house. This year with our oldest moving back in and construction on a soundroom for music and recording, I had decided to tone down the Christmas decor. Well that didn't happen...because there is one time of year I don't keep it simple. And we are now in that time. My daughter and I got the house ready for the holidays this week and yep I decided to put up all four trees after all (One large one and three smaller theme trees).

I have been finishing up gift items and my needles of all types have been busy.I took pictures to share but...I made a grave error when putting them in folders on my computer and actually only saved the shortcuts...and unfortunately before I discovered my error I deleted all the files from my computer. I am too lazy and bummed to retake all the pictures....Unfortunately I lost some that I really wanted to save of some singing gigs of my kids and a birthday party. I am seriously hating technology right now. Okay I realize it was my fault and not technology but I am still ticked.

Most of these items have been finished here in the last several months. I have now completed all of the handmade gifts I am giving this year. What has been on your needle heading up to the holiday season?