Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I was stitching yesterday on what has become one of my favorite all time projects. It was quiet in the house and I was thinking about how relaxing cross-stitching makes me. Now to some of you that is a bit of a mystery....

All those little x's?
Knots getting in the thread?
Counting wrong and having to frog it out?

How could that be relaxing? For those who cross-stitch they get it. To them even the knots are just a lil bump in doing something we really enjoy. But even when the project doesn't go well I usually don't get frustrated because as the pattern takes shape on my fabric I can see the beauty beginning to unfold. That focuses me on the end goal rather than the lil bumps aone the way.

Think about the things you enjoy....Aren't there frustrations with it as well? Aren't there times when it is more difficult and you have to stop and regroup?

Wonder if we are like that to God sometimes? Obviously He loves us. But when we get a knot in our path or we misstep and get on the wrong path and He has to "fix" us does He get a bit frustrated or out of His grace does He lovingly untangle the mess focusing on the beauty He sees unfolding as we learn and grow in Him?

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  1. Hi Laura. I have been so blessed this evening through your blog spot. How true it is that we run into those bumps in everything that is good and everything that gives us pleasure. Every time I run into a bump in the future, I'm going to think about myself being a "bump" in God's world. Who can fix this bump here, better than God himself. Thank you. Thank you, Laura, for that "mini" message. Keep up the good work in both your stitching and your "planting".
    LindaLee <><