Tuesday, January 26, 2010

While we experienced some unseasonably warmer temps and rain over the weekend, we were quickly reminded here in Indiana that it is still indeed winter. It has been a very gloomy month and there is about an inch of snow on the ground. So it is proving good weather to craft and do one of my other favorite things...read.

Crafting first...I have been knitting on beanies for Covered with Love and since they look a lot like the ones I have posted before I didn't take pictures of them. I love knitting in the winter. Something about it it warms the soul.

I did finish the freebie from The Chocolate Cat that I was working on and am posting a picture. The chart is called Love Letters. Not decided yet as to how I am going to finish this one. Usually when I do a cross-stitch project I have a purpose in mind or someone I know I am giving it to, but this one I just stitched for the fun of it so am not sure what I am going to end up doing with it just yet.

I have been reading a book my kids' vocal coach loaned them called Tortured for Christ. It is writting by a pastor from Romania who preached Underground and suffered much at the hands of Communists. It has been a very insightful read thus far. A lot of self-examination with this one...How dedicated would I be as a Christian if faced with the things this man experienced? Would I be bold or would I cave if my life were on the line?

While I would love to say I would die for Him...would I really? Would I have the courage of my convictions to look down the barrel of a gun and refuse to deny Him? Would you? It is easy to say yes but I can't imagine being in that sort of situation, yet there are people even in our day and age find themselves in similar situations in various parts of the word.

It has been a hard book to read at times knowing the stories recounted are real. These things happened to real people not so very different from you and I. Sometimes as an American I can take my freedoms for granted. Lord forbid I ever get so comfortable in my "religion" that I forget there are many brothers and sisters that serve Him under persecution.

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