Friday, August 6, 2010

Good weather for staying inside

Indiana, like many areas, is experiencing a lot of hot humid weather. Good weather for staying inside where it is cool and stitching. I was cross-stitching and enjoying the company of my family Wednesday night when a storm blew in knocking out our electricity. I'm not one for stitching by candlelight so spent the rest of the evening just talking. We were without power until 3;30am. It was only six hours but it sure makes one realize how dependent we are on electricity.

We are on well water so no electricity also means no water. The air was humid so the house got a bit uncomfortable. I was sure glad when things came back on again. Nothing like doing without something awhile to make one grateful.

Both patterns are from the leaflet Country Cupboard Trademarks from Grandmother's Kitchen. I did adapt the boy though as the towel simply wasn't large enough for me to put his entire body. I have made both to give to someone for their birthday. I hope they like them.