Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just updating

I have been working on some cross-stitched magnets for some friends of mine that share my love of Josh Groban music. I got a bit bored with the repetitiveness of project though so today I picked up Starry Night to work on....What a project. I started it quite awhile back but I can't seem to make myself focus on it for long. It is so overwhelming. So I worked a few hours on it and put it away before I got frustrated.

I am also working on a Sunbonnet Sue pattern that I think is going to be an enjoyable project. But I am trying to resolve to picking up that Starry Night piece and working on it more regularily. I rarely don't finish a piece but this one if any is in danger of finding its way in the garbage. LOL

I haven't take pics but will try to do that soon ...but they won't be "finishes" but rather WIPs.

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