Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I caved ...it's Josh Groban's fault

My kids have been telling me I need to get a Twitter account. I resisted...but....Josh Groban now has a Twitter account and I caved. Actually it is pretty fun. I find I have more little snippets of time to post a line or two than I do to sit down regularly and do a blog post.

I am still working on a "Josh" surprise for some of my friends. I won't post pics until they receive them as I am not sure if any of them pop in here now and then or not. This week I have been working on that as well as some beanies for Covered With Love. As a matter of fact crafting is how I am going to spend my afternoon.

It has been a gloomy week thus far and more gloom in the forecast so it has been a good week to just hang out here at home and work on projects. Yesterday I spent a good part of the day cleaning house. Since I enjoy cleaning that was an enjoyable way to start my week. Today I am not being quite as industrious. I am getting ready to go spend the remainder of the afternoon with a needle in hand.

Hope everyone is having a blessed and wonderful June.


  1. I'm leaving Twitter to others - from what I understand, it's not for me. I'm enjoying blogging too much in any case :) I hope you enjoy your stitching time

  2. I told you that twitter was the new wave. Actually I think that was levi all well