Saturday, July 25, 2009

This week's progress

I didn't get a lot of stitching done on my Sunbonnet Sue picture this week. I pulled out my yarn and finished up a few more beanies for Covered With Love. Those are nice little projects to take on the road. Last weekend I visited my parents and spent the travel time knitting. By the time I had gotten there I had a hat completed. Then I was able to pull out my crochet hook and finish a couple while my mom and I chatted.
I am hoping to get some time to make some real progress on my Sunbonnet Sue project this week. What are all the other crafty bloggers working on this week??


  1. ahhhh, the little hats remind me of my newborn grandsons! We have triplet grandsons & they all have little knitted hats, so we can tell them apart!!!!! How precious!

  2. oops, I thought the stitching was on a different post. I too dislike backstitching, but sometimes it sure makes the pattern POP, doesn't it?!@?? Can't wait to see progress on this piece. I love it! I found you on the 123 board post.