Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas season is here!

I've not been updating my blog but I have been crafting. So I decided to finally take a few minutes here to post some pics. This first picture is a knitted scarf and hat set that I have made to give as a Christmas present. I hope it keeps the receiver warm in the wintery weather.

This afghan (Crochet) was made for my hubby. I realized not too long ago that I have made a lot of warm afghans for others but haven't made him one. So it is wrapped and under the tree for Christmas morning. So shhhh don't tell him. I don't have to worry about him seeing it here as he isn't one for being online much and I don't think he even knows I have a blog LOL

These are some cross-stitched cards that I made for spreading Christmas cheer. I love doing simple projects like this.

Winter has started to arrive in Indiana. This weekend we got some snow. It is starting to feel like Christmas out there. Yesterday I enjoyed the open house at Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, Indiana. My son, Levi sang for the open house as he has for several years now. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon and get a little extra Christmas shopping done. My shopping has been finished for awhile, except for a few little things I am picking up as I am out and about.
It has been good weather for sipping hot chocolate, reading and crafting in a comfy chair. There was a point in my life I used to dread winter but last year I made up my mind to try to see the beauty of the season and surprisingly I found myself appreciating the natural slow down that the winter brings. There is a certain hush and peace on a cold winter morning you find at no other time of the year. This year I am even looking forward to winter.
Pastor Berry has been speaking about the celebration of Christmas. I've enjoyed the sermons and it has really helped me to take pause this year and remember the heart of why we celebrate. If you strip away all the lights, the glitter, the gifts and the busy schedules you are left with a babe. Not just any babe but one that came into this world and changed EVERYTHING. May your Christmas be full of the realizaton of what Christ has done for you.

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